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.Tropical IslandSunsets

Tropical Island Sunsets video label
Tropical IslandSunsets
A spectacular collection of the most beautiful and relaxing tropical island sunsets
ever recorded.  Just sit back, relax and enjoy the pure natural sights and sounds
of the sea on many different unique and interesting secluded island beaches.

It's just like pulling up your beach chair up to the waters edge
and watching the sun set again and again.

Why does the sunset change colors?

Tropical IslandSunsets
19 Relaxing
Tropical Island Sunsets
Tropical IslandSunsets
"The most beautiful & relaxing video you will ever experience"

Here is a short description for each of  the most beautiful and relaxing
tropical island sunsets on these stress reducing relaxation video tapes

Tropical Isl
On the rocks
Tropical IslandSunsets

A storm at sea pushes the waves to shore
where they break against the rocks and slide 
harmlessly onto the golden beach

Fire in the sky
Tropical IslandSunsets

A dolphin jumps, and the clouds open to reveal 
the blaze of a great solar furnace

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Pelican Rock
Tropical IslandSunsets

A pair of brown pelicans feed close to the
rocks using a very unique fishing style

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Tropical IslandSunsets

That special time... after the sun has set...
but before the darkness has arrived

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Vacation Paradise
Tropical IslandSunsets

A calm sea... a golden sky... the gulls gather
to celebrate the end of another beautiful day

Bob's Beach
Tropical IslandSunsets

A very relaxing sunset on the most beautiful 
south seas style island in SW Florida

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Egret Isle
Tropical IslandSunsets

The egrets and terns gather for a feast of 
small bait fish swimming close to the shore

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Turtle Beach
Tropical IslandSunsets

A fantastic close-up experience where a small rouge storm 
appears to swallow up the sunset

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Tropical IslandSunsets

One of the most beautiful and relaxing sunsets you have ever experienced. 
Over a million colors merge to create a perfect sunset experience.

South Beach
Tropical IslandSunsets

The waves push in and the tide rolls out
creating a mesmerizing mismatch of 
waves and currents.

Red Sky

Tropical IslandSunsets
Red sky at night... 
sailors delight

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Palm Island

Tropical IslandSunsets
Sit back and enjoy the sounds of a distant surf as the sun 
gently sets on the horizon.

Middle Posts
Tropical IslandSunsets

Enjoy this secluded island location 
for a very unique sunset experience

Painted Sky
Tropical IslandSunsets

An unending canvas of color and light where 
a sunset artist can paint forever 

Ibis Pass

Tropical IslandSunsets
A dozen white ibis have a sunset dinner of
small crabs and shrimp that live in the sand

Mountains of Clouds

Tropical IslandSunsets
This powerful summer storm creates the most 
beautifully sculpted mountains of sunset clouds

Lands End
Tropical IslandSunsets

A calm sea, and the end of another beautiful day 
and the fishermen make way for home

Rocky Point
Tropical IslandSunsets

The waves crash against the rocks and the birds feed in the turmoil 
as a distant storm slowly devours the setting sun

Sail away
Tropical IslandSunsets

Enjoy a close-up view of a passing sailboat on the horizon 
as the sun gently melts into the sea 
and you sail off to another tropical sunset

Tropical IslandSunset
19 Relaxing

19 Sunsets - Over 100 different scenes
60 minutes - VHS or DVD - Digital Stereo Soundtrack

Sunset Video Productions
 " Helping America Relax "

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