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What can
Sunset Relaxation Video
do for you?

Reduce Stress and anxiety
and promote the bodies natural relaxation response.
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Sunset Relaxation Video tapes
have been clinically proven to
Reduce blood pressure and pulse rate
in a single viewing which can significantly
reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack.
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Relax the mind and reduce muscle tension
which can reduce back pain and many other
aches and pains caused by stress.
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Watching a sunset relaxation video on a regular basis will
Improve your bodies immune system
which will increase your bodies ability to fight off
disease and infections of all kinds.
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Regular use will also
Decrease the risk
of getting many types of cancer
since most have been proven to be stress related.
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Sunset Relaxation Video will
Improve your Mental health
by promoting a natural feeling of calmness and well being
and leaving the body feeling fresh and relaxed
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Sunset Relaxation Video provides a joyful,
100% natural experience
without commercial distractions.
It's like taking a little vacation...
only without the hassles of traveling.
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All this in the comfort of your own home...
with very little effort on your part

Try it for yourself...
Watch a Sunset Relaxation Video tape in the early
evening or just before bed... while you're eating dinner...
washing the dishes... or any time you just want
to be pleasantly distracted.

To maximize the therapeutic effects of
Sunset Relaxation Video's

First:   Resolve all distractions

Second:   Make yourself comfortable

Third:   And most importantly...

"Allow yourself some quality time to relax"

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* Disclaimer

The information contained on these pages is for general reference purposes only.
It is not a substitute for professional medical advice.  You should always seek the advice of your
physician before starting any new treatment.

Sunset relaxation therapy (SRT) is a stress management technique
designed to reduce stress and lower blood pressure.

Feel free to tell your doctor about Sunset Relaxation Video and Sunset Relaxation Therapy.
SRT has been accepted by medicare, with doctors orders, as a therapeutic, psychological measure
and stress management technique to instantly reduce stress and lower blood pressure.
This stress management tool is now being used by many home health agencies.

If you think you have a stress disorder or have a difficult time managing or dealing with stress,
talk to your doctor about beginning some sort of stress management training.
The sunset relaxation and stress management technique may give you exactly
the stress relief you are looking for

Stress relief and stress reduction are extremely important if you have high blood pressure.